Newsflash 31 October

To keep working out pleasant and enjoyable for all our members, it might be good to point out the house rules that apply within Aerofit once. We have also thought about how to deal with telephone use within the fitness area.  Let’s start with the last point. The use of a mobile, for all kinds of other things besides calling, has become an indispensable part of our society. For example, the mobile in the gym is also used for music during training and for viewing the training schedule. However, what we also see more and more is social media checks during the break between training sets while members remain on a device. As a result, devices are sometimes kept occupied for an unnecessarily long time, which does not promote throughput. We kindly ask you to step off the device if you want to use your phone a little longer so that another member can use the training device.  Please don't call in the fitness area but in the lounge. Furthermore, because of privacy, taking photos/videos of people without permission is not allowed.  Some more points for attention about working out in the gym  1. Use of a towel on the devices is mandatory  2. Clean indoor shoes (change shoes in the locker room) are mandatory in all training areas  3. Dry/clean your device after use with paper or a blue cloth and a spray. We like to keep Aerofit clean!  Regarding the sauna  1. Showering before a sauna visit is mandatory  2. Underwear/swimwear is not allowed  3. Sit or lay down on a towel with your whole body (including your head and feet) 4. Use of body and hair oil when using the sauna is not allowed  5. It is not allowed to pour any liquids on the sauna heater yourself  With regard to showering  For hygiene reasons, it is not allowed to shave in the shower and we recommend that you wear flip flops as the floor can be slippery.  Furthermore, a friendly, but urgent request to only turn on 1 shower at a time. It often happens that several showers are turned on because this would ensure that the water gets warmer. This is of course inexplicable in this time of energy crisis.  Finally, we kindly ask everyone to park bicycles in the bicycle shed and scooters in the unique scooter parking spaces.  We would like to thank you in advance for thinking along and contributing to a pleasant sports climate within Aerofit.

Newsflash 30 September

Class schedule changes, yoga & Pilates news Since October we have had some changes in the Yoga and Pilates classes. Dewi has indicated that she, unfortunately, wants to stop teaching at Aerofit from October, due to other activities and Angela can no longer teach the Yin Yoga class on Tuesday evening from 11 October. This is why there will be a few changes in the class schedule: - From October 11: Tuesday 20.30 Bodybalance with Daisy (contrary to what was communicated in our previous newsletter, which states that Daisy will teach Bodybalance on Thursday evening at 20.30) - From October 12: Wednesday 10.15 Yoga with Angela - From October 12: Wednesday 20.30 Yin Yoga with Esmee Furthermore, Lisa started teaching Pilates on Mondays at 20.30 on September 26. We hope that everyone will find their way again in the adjusted schedule. We will miss Dewi and thank her for the great lessons over the years. Of course, we wish Lisa good luck with her Pilates class on Monday evening! Les Mills releases From October 3, the latest programs Bodypump, Bodybalance, and Core will be running in our club. Are you looking for more relaxation, do you want to become more flexible, and also want to strengthen your core? Then Bodybalance is the class for you. If you want to strengthen your abs, back, and glutes, join the Core. During the Bodypump class, all your major muscle groups are trained. Because you do a lot of repetitions, you train your muscle endurance. Bodypump will make you stronger and slimmer and it will stimulate your fat burning. If you have never followed a Bodypump lesson before, you can schedule an appointment at the reception for a Bodypump introduction. You will then receive an explanation about the correct technique and we advise you on which weight you can start. Bring-a-friend - Earn a month of free sports! After a long warm summer, most members have found their way back to our club. Perhaps you have friends or family in your area who would like to work on a healthy lifestyle. You can then bring them in for a free trial training. If your guest becomes a member, you will receive a month free from us! You can introduce several new members, you will receive a free month for each member introduced. Fill in a Bring-a-friend card at the reception. Free trial training Milon Have you never trained on the Milon Circle? Then make an appointment for a free Milon tryout. The Milon is a smart combination of 6 fully automatic strength machines and 2 times 4 minutes of cardio training. You do the circle twice which only takes you 35 minutes. Because the training is eccentric, you train your body in a different way than you are used to. This is because the backward movement is set more heavily than the movement “forwards”. This provides 30% more muscle strengthening. In addition, the Milon Circle increases your metabolism up to 15 times longer compared to normal training, which stimulates fat burning. If you're looking for a short, efficient workout, you should definitely try the Milon. Make an appointment at the reception or at the fitness desk. Practice for Osteopathy Since February, Aerofit also offers Osteopathy. Sascha then started his own practice, “OsteoHolland”. Osteopathy is a fast-growing manual treatment that is complementary to regular health care. By looking at the entire body, the (underlying) cause of complaints is tackled, and/or preventive work is done on optimizing health. In order to function optimally, it is important that everything in our body can move properly. Our modern lifestyle such as computers, texting, increased psychological stress, lack of sleep, high work pressure, and excessive exercise can have negative consequences on our body or its mobility. The osteopath restores the mobility of your body in detail, which promotes recovery and prevents injuries or complaints. Movement restrictions that have an adverse effect on health are sought and are treated through safe manipulations, techniques around the entire body (organs, nerves, blood vessels, muscles & skull), and also connective tissue (fascia). In addition, personal advice is given or possibly referred to other healthcare professionals. Osteopaths work together with other practitioners (if necessary) such as doctors, physiotherapists, manual therapists, dieticians, dental hygienists, psychologists, homeopaths & lifestyle coaches. On Tuesday from 10.00-10.30 and on Thursday from 17.00-18.00 Sascha has a free consultation hour. You can then meet Sascha and ask questions or ask for advice. Please make an appointment at the reception.

Newsflash 22 August

We hope you had a nice summer (holiday) and that you enjoyed the beautiful weather. Maybe you haven’t been to the gym a lot this summer, then we hope to see you around soon again. In any case, we are ready to help you to remain or become fit and healthy!  Earn a free month membership  If you have people in your area who also want to work on their fitness, now is the time. If they become a member now, they can exercise for free until October 1. As a reward for introducing a new member, you will receive 1 month for free (1 month per applied member, multiple members are allowed). In that case, fill in a Bring-a-friend card at the reception. Team news  ★ After years of faithfully working on Sundays, Jessy is going to stop. He will work as a physical education teacher at the Adelbert College. We wish Jessy lots of success with his new job. We will miss him, but luckily he will remain associated with Aerofit as a stand-in. ★ On Sunday afternoon we have a new trainer: Tim Amman.  Tim is 20 years old, originally from Switzerland, and has been living in the Netherlands for 2 years now. He has attended the ISSA (International Sports Science Association) and has a huge passion for fitness training. He likes to convey his enthusiasm to all Aerofit members. Welcome to Aerofit, Tim!  ★ Demi will start working in health care 4 days a week from September, this because of her studies Personal counselor Social care. Unfortunately, because of this, she has less time for Aerofit. But Demi will also continue to work at Aerofit as a stand-in as well. We also wish Demi good luck with this new challenge.  Aerofit Beach run  On Sunday, September 4 at 10.00 we organize an Aerofit Beach Run at Strandpaviljoen Sport, Wassenaarse Slag, distance of 5 or 10 km. This run is free for members. In addition, as a member, you can also bring a free introduction. You can register at the reception. The start number can be picked up half an hour before the start, around Strandpaviljoen Sport. A cup is ready for the man/woman who finishes first. Furthermore, every participant who finishes will receive a nice Goodie Bag.  After Summer Fitness Challenge  Time for action! After a long warm summer, you can participate in our 30-Day Plank challenge throughout September. You gradually build up the duration of Planking in steps. Who knows, you might hold the plank for 5 minutes at the end of September!  On Friday, September 30, we will organize a Final group Challenge under the guidance of a trainer at 10.00, 13.00,16.00 and 19.00.  We have a unique price for those who can hold the plank for 5 minutes. If you want to participate in this challenge, ask a trainer for the Planking build-up schedule. Planking is great for a strong and slim core!  Class schedule news  ★ From September, the Bodyshape will be back on Friday morning at 09:00. The class is given by Isa. Chrissie will be back from maternity leave by then and will resume the Bodyshape class on Thursday morning at 09:00.  ★ The Pilates class on Monday evening at 20.30 is also back on the schedule in September. The class will be temporarily taught by Edith and will later be taken over by Lisa. ★ From October 1, on Thursday evening Pauline will teach a Spinning class at 19.45 and Daisy will teach a Body Balance class at 20.30.  Reservation system group classes  We will continue (for now) with our reservation system for the group classes, via the Sportivity App. We, therefore, advise you to book the classes you want to follow. If there is room, you can participate without a reservation, but it could be that a class is full and you can’t join, that would be a shame. If you no longer have the Sportivity App, you can ask the reception to resend the link to the App. You can book lessons one week minus 2 hours in advance. It is also possible to cancel your lesson via the Sportivity App (this is now also possible last minute via the App).  We urge you to cancel your class at any time if you are unable to attend. This way you give other members the opportunity to participate in the lesson. Thanks in advance for this.  Full stamp card  If you worked out a lot this summer and you handed in one (or more) full stamp card(s), you have a chance to win great prizes, offered by the VES. The winners of these national prizes will be announced on Saturday, September 10, 2022, on So…..check it out! You can still collect stamps until August 31, you can hand in your full stamp card until September 9.  We hope to see you soon at Aerofit!

Newsflash 17 February

We received good news last Tuesday evening during the last press conference! After almost 2 years of Corona misery, it seems to be going in the right direction. We are very happy and relieved that we can finally run our club again in a more or less normal way. However, we understand that after 2 years of restrictions it also feels quite strange and a bit uncomfortable to let go of all measures from one day to the next. Therefore, the following measures will expire from tomorrow: ★ Keep 1.5 meters away ★ Wearing a mask inside Aerofit If it feels more comfortable of course you can decide to wear a mask and keep a little more distance within the club. We are still taking a number of measures. We will see how things are going in the coming period and then decide later whether we will also abandon these measures. We keep the following measures: ★ The reservation system for the lessons. If you want to be sure of a place in class, you can book via the Sportivity App. If you have not made a reservation and would like to participate in the lesson, you can of course do so provided there is space (ask the reception). ★ The exit via the emergency exit, to prevent crowds at the reception for a while, the exit remains via the emergency exit. ★ The screens at the Milon circle and on the cardio stage. ★ 1 Ikea closet near the bar. If you prefer not to use the locker room yet, you can still store your belongings in the closet at the bar. ★ The cleaning wipes and spray. We will continue to use these for the time being to clean used equipment and material. Reservation system classes We hear from many members that they really like the reservation system for the lessons. It motivates members to come and you know for sure that you have a spot. However, there is one major drawback to this system and that is that members regularly forget to cancel their class if they are unable to attend. Sometimes members don't even show up at all. This is of course very annoying, especially for the members who were on the waiting list. So once again an urgent request: are you unable to attend? You can cancel your lesson via the Sportivity App up to 4 hours before the class. You can cancel less than 4 hours in advance by calling Aerofit (070-5119645). Thanks for your cooperation! QR code From Friday 25 February, a Corona QR code within Aerofit is no longer required. This means that members who were unable to come and work out, for this reason, can get back to exercise as of February 25th. If you have temporarily stopped your subscription for that reason, your subscription will be reactivated as of 25 February. If you have paid for November, you still have one month of credit and the automatic debit will start on April 1. If you have not paid for November, your subscription will be debited again as of March 1. In both cases, you can already start from February 25th. We are very happy that we can welcome all our members again soon! Keep working on a healthy lifestyle, keep working on strengthening your immune system!

Newsflash 18 December

A feeling of defeat and disbelief prevails within our team after the government announced that we must close our doors immediately until January 14, due to the fear of the effect of the Omikron variant of the Coronavirus. According to the government, we still do not fall under the essential sector. While a healthy lifestyle is so essential in this time. Exercise increases your resistance and not only gives long-term health benefits such as a healthy weight, lowering blood pressure, reducing diabetes, but exercising also has a DIRECT effect on your immune system. During exercise you make anti-inflammatory substances, crucial in Corona time! So keep working out in the coming weeks! If you can't do it on your own, use our YouTube channel. Here you will find more than 200 videos of our own group class teachers. They will drag you through this lockdown so that we will see each other fit and healthy again in Aerofit from January 15th. All reservations in the Sportivity App for group classes will automatically be cancelled. If you have fitness appointments up to and including 14 January, these will also automatically expire. If you receive a reminder email of your appointment, you can consider it as not sent. A few days before we open again, we will call everyone who had an appointment to schedule a new appointment. (2)year membership offer Our (2)year membeship offer officially runs until January 1, 2022. To give everyone the chance to take advantage of this advantageous offer, we will extend the offer until February 1, 2022. Despite the enormous disappointment this lockdown brings, we wish you happy holidays, together with the people you love. We'll see each other again soon, in the new year! Stay safe, stay fit, stay (Aero)fit!     Kind regards, The Aerofit team

Newsflash 8 November

After 25 years of being the owner of Aerofit and in the middle of the festive week in which we celebrate this special event, I have to implement a measure that goes against everything I stand for as a person and as an entrepreneur. The government has decided that from next Saturday everyone will no longer be allowed to go to the gym without a QR code. As Aerofit, we stand for freedom of choice and we have respect and understanding for everyone's choice and find it incomprehensible that the industry that ensures that people remain fit and healthy, crucial in this crisis, will be so limited. We understand that if you are not in possession of a valid QR code and therefore cannot come to work out, you wish to suspend your subscription. If this applies to you, you can reply to this email. On the other hand, we are still missing many members who have not returned since the start of the Corona crisis. Some of them are still anxious to come and work out. We hope to see this group again by introducing the Corona check. If you want to start again, call 070-5119645 or send an email to We will then contact you as soon as possible. Of course, you can also just come to the club. Implementation Corona check It requires quite a bit from the club to lead the Corona check in a smooth way. It will take a few days before we will have found the most efficient way to do this. We therefore ask you for patience and understanding. If you come for a group class, we ask you to come a little earlier so that you can start your class on time. Make sure your QR code is open on your phone so we can scan it immediately upon arrival. This is to prevent congestion at the reception as much as possible. If you do not want to use your QR code every time you enter the club, you can show us that you're vaccinated (by showing your vaccination certificate or by showing your Corona check App). We will then anchor this in our member administration system so you can enter without the Coronacheck. PAY ATTENTION! You can already show at the reception that you are vaccinated from NOW. If you have been tested negative or cured of Corona, we must scan your QR code at every visit. You can obtain a valid QR code via your DigiD in the following ways: 1. You have been vaccinated 2. You have been tested negative 3. You are cured of Corona More info about the coronacheck-app and the QR code can be found at If you do not have a QR code, you can of course also gain access to the club with another test, vaccination, or recovery certificate. A self-test is not valid! Are you under 18? Then you can come and work out without a Coronacheck! We sincerely hope that the Corona numbers will drop soon so that we can welcome all our members again. Stay safe, stay (Aero)fit!

Newsflash 16 September

You may have followed the press conference on Tuesday evening. This indicated further modifications of the Corona measures from September 25th. The 1.5 meters will be released from that date. A measure that had far-reaching consequences for our industry. The number of members that we were allowed to have in the fitness area and in the group lesson rooms was severely limited by this rule. By setting up an advanced reservation system, we were able to meet the 1.5 meter requirement. What will change for Aerofit from September 25? We don't think it's a good idea to go "completely loose" from that date. We can imagine that everyone has to get used to these newly acquired freedoms again. We have therefore decided to do this in sensible steps. Fitness area Fitness equipment and cardio equipment will be put back. However, there will still be "corona screens" in some places (including in the Milon circle and cardio). Group lessons We will not make any changes for the group lessons for a while. We have decided to continue to work with our reservation system. We will also not increase the maximum number of participants for the time being. Many members find the reservation system very pleasant. It motivates members to come to the club and you are assured of a spot. However, there is also one downside to our reservation system. It often happens that members cancel at the last minute (of course something unexpected can always come up) or, what's more annoying, sometimes members don't show up at all. As a result, members who are on the waiting list do not get a chance to participate in the lesson, which is of course very unfortunate. Hence an urgent request to always cancel your reservation for a group lesson if you are unable to come. This can be done up to 4 hours before your lesson via the Sportivity App. Shortly before your lesson you can call Aerofit (070-5119645). If you do not show up several times, without canceling, you can unfortunately no longer book in advance for the classes. Of course you can just join a lesson if there is room. Bar/changing rooms One storage cabinet will be removed and one will remain for those who prefer not to use the changing room for a while. Shoe change can therefore still be done around the bar and bags can still be stored in the storage cabinet. We ask members who only change their shoes around the bar “for convenience", to use our changing rooms again. Our large coffee table is coming back, so we create some more space to have a nice cup of coffee. Of course we hope for nice late summer weather so that everyone can enjoy our cozy terrace for a while. Exit We will continue to use the emergency exit as an exit. This way we avoid crowds around the reception. Ventilation Of course, attention to ventilation remains important. The ventilation at Aerofit is in perfect condition and runs at maximum. Rules that still apply within Aerofit:Don't come and work out with Corona related complaints, get tested Clean used training material with a cleaning spray and clothWe hope that we have reached the turning point and that after more than 1.5 years we can slowly but surely return to how it was before Corona. But with one very important lesson: ensure a healthy lifestyle, with this you arm yourself best against viral infections and lifestyle diseases! We hope to see you again soon at Aerofit. If you know people in your area who also want to work on their lifestyle, take advantage of our “Bring a friend" promotion; Make someone a member of our club and earn a month for free!

Newsflash 22 June

We received good news at last Friday's press conference. More and more is possible soon. Also for Aerofit, we are entering the summer with more freedom, but still with safety first! Many Corona rules and obligations also expire for the fitness industry. The most important rule, keep as much as possible 1.5 m distance from each other within Aerofit, will still apply for the time being. No more reservation for fitness and Milon circle The biggest change will be that from Saturday 26 June there will no longer be a need to reserve for a fitness or Milon training. This will give an even better spread as not everyone will be entering and leaving at the same time. So you can come as often and stay as long as you want! Of course, this phase also takes some getting used to for us all. We will see how and if it works this way and where necessary we will adjust. Important! Still take a cleaning bottle and cloth when entering the gym to clean the device after use. PAY ATTENTION! Reserved training sessions on 26 to 29 June will of course be canceled automatically. You can come whenever you want! Reservations for the group classes For the group classes we still work with the reservation system as you are used to via the Sportivity App. What is new, is that from this Saturday you no longer have to take into account that you can enter 7 minutes in advance. So you can come earlier. From Saturday you can also put down your stuff for the Step and Bodypump class yourself. Still bring a cleaning bottle and cloth into class to clean the materials used, after class. You can still book a maximum of 1 group class per day, via the Sportivity App. You can, however, combine this with fitness or Milon training. If you would like to take a second group class on the same day, you can call the reception (070-5119645) or come by. If there is space, the reception can book the second class for you. This way we give all members an equal opportunity to book classes. Outdoor circuit training sessions go inside From June 26th we will move the outdoor circuit training sessions inside, in the form of Synrgy training (as before the first lock down). This training also lasts 45 minutes and takes place around the Synrgy training device in the fitness area. You must make a reservation for the Synrgy training sessions via the Sportivity App. New on the schedule, Synrgy on Sunday at 09.15! Cancel group lessons We kindly but urgently request you to cancel your group class in time if you are unable to attend. It regularly happens that classes are not or very late canceled, so members who are on the waiting list cannot come and work out. You can cancel your training up to 4 hours in advance via the Sportivity App, shorter in advance by telephone (070-5119645). It can always happen that something (urgent) comes in between, just don't forget to cancel. Thanks in advance for your cooperation! Masks no longer required From Saturday 26 June it is no longer mandatory to wear a mask within Aerofit. If you are more comfortable wearing a mask, that is of course possible. Indoor catering open From this Saturday it will be possible again to enjoy a nice cup of coffee or a healthy smoothie inside. The lounge will then be partially open again. Partly, because we still want to use part of the lounge area for members who prefer to change their shoes in the lounge instead of inside the locker rooms. Of course our terrace will remain open outside! Stick to the most important rules! We are very happy with more freedom and we would like to keep it that way. We, therefore, urge you to adhere to the following basic rules: Do not come to Aerofit if you have Corona related symptoms, get tested Keep 1.5 m distance from each other, as much as possible, everywhere within Aerofit

Newsflash 31 May

As you probably know, group classes, including spinning, are allowed again from June 5th. You can now book for your favorite group lesson via the Sportivity App. After downloading you must register via a separate link. If you send us an email ( or call 070-5119645, we will send you the link to the App (also check your spam/advertising). If you can't manage to make a reservation via the App or if you don't have a smartphone or tablet, you can always call Aerofit and we can book training sessions manually, no problem! PAY ATTENTION! You can always book a week -/- two hours in advance. For example, if you want to participate in the Bodyshape on Saturday June 12 at 10.15, you can make a reservation for this from Saturday June 5, at 12.15. This way we give all members a fair chance to make a reservation. The group classes rules You can make 7 reservations per week, one group lesson/training per day. If you want to follow a 2nd group lesson/training, you can call on the day itself (070-5119645) or ask at the reception on arrival if there is room. The reception staff will then book you in for a second lesson/training that day. You can enter 7 minutes before time. Wear a mask when entering and leaving Aerofit, the mask may be removed in the sports area.When entering the sports area, bring a spray and cloth. After the training, you clean your own material/spinning bike. Please leave the cloth in the laundry basket, spray back on the table. Disinfect your hands before and after class. When cleaning up materials, keep your distance from each other. Please leave the room one by one, keep your distance from each other.Virtual classes group-fitness room. The possibility to take virtual classes in our group-fitness room will be canceled as of June 5th. We look forward to seeing you live again in one of our classes, under the professional guidance of an instructor. Use spinning room As long as we are not allowed to spin with the normal number of participants, you can still train individually on our spinning bikes. If you want to use this service, you can make a reservation at the reception (070-5119645). Changing rooms, showers, and sauna open again Finally, our dressing rooms, showers, and sauna can open again. This is also subject to the condition that we keep 1.5 m from each other. For that reason, a maximum of 2 people can use the shower and a maximum of 4 people can use the sauna, at the same time. To give everyone the opportunity to use these facilities, we kindly ask you to shower shortly and to do one sauna round per visit if it's busy. Thank you in advance for your understanding! Do you only want to change your shoes? Then you can still use the option to do this around the bar. You can then store your belongings in the compartments. Bar inside The bar inside and lounge area should be allowed to open inside, but this is only allowed by reservation. That won't work in our case. Fortunately, the weather will be lovely in the near future and you can order drinks to go at the bar, which you can then enjoy on our sunny terrace in front of the door. Hopefully, there will soon also be more possible as regards the bar. Number of people in the fitness room In principle, the number of people in one room may increase from 30 to 50 from June 5, provided that the 1.5 m is guaranteed. To us, it seems difficult to have 50 people in our fitness room. That is why we are still sticking to 30 people (24 in the fitness, 6 in the Milon circle). We will keep a close eye on developments in the coming period and we will adjust the numbers where possible. Take responsibility! We are very happy that there is so much more possible and we would like to keep it that way. We trust that everyone will take their responsibility with regard to the following two main points: Do not come to Aerofit if you have complaints. Get tested and wait for the results. Keep distance from each other inside and outside Aerofit. Enjoy the regained freedoms, but use them wisely. Together we can do this!

Newsflash 12 May

Is it finally going to happen?! As indicated in the press conference yesterday, we may open our doors again on Wednesday 19 May, provided that the Corona numbers continue to decrease. The government will take a final decision on this on Monday, May 17, but so far the development looks positive. Of course, we are very happy. We have been closed for too long, now it is time for positive things. Unfortunately (but understandably) we are not going back to normal straight away, back to how cozy and nice it was before Corona. That time will come again. Until then, we will have to deal with the following conditions: A maximum of 30 people per room (just like in December, before the 2nd lockdown). Training on reservation and with a health check via our reservation App. Bar closed inside, but the possibility to get 'to go' items. Consumptions can be consumed on our terrace in front of the entrance. No use of showers and sauna. Changing room only used for shoe change and use of a locker, changing cloths must be done at home. You can still change shoes around the bar. No group lessons. Training on reservation Booking the training sessions is done via the Sportivity App. After downloading you must register via a separate link. If you send us an email ( or call 070-5119645, we will send you the link to the App (also check your spam/advertising). If you can't manage to make a reservation via the App or if you don't have a smartphone or tablet, you can always call Aerofit and we can book training sessions manually, no problem! Our reservation rules Training can be reserved 2 hours after the start of your training, for a week later. So if, for example, you have reserved a training on Wednesday, May 19 at 09.30, you can reserve your training for Wednesday, May 26 at 09.30 on Wednesday, May 19 at 11.30, etc. Is a training block full? Then you can put yourself on the reserve list. You will receive an email when a place becomes available, on a first-come, first-served basis. You can reserve 7 training sessions per week, it is not allowed to reserve two training blocks in a row. A training block lasts 60 minutes. If you want to train longer, ask the fitness trainer if you can stay the hour after your reserved block. The trainer will then reserve the next block for you if there is room. You can cancel your training sessions no later than 4 hours in advance via the App. If you are unexpectedly unable to come for your training at the last minute, you can call Aerofit. Please cancel in time, so that someone else has the opportunity to reserve the training.Which times can you reserve?With an unlimited subscription, you can make unlimited reservations. With an off-peak subscription, you can book with a start time between 12:00 and 16:00. If you have an unlimited student subscription, you can make a reservation from 12:00. If you have a student subscription during off-peak hours, you can make a reservation with a starting time between 12:00 and 17:00.A maximum of 7 reservations per week applies to all subscriptions.Should the government decide that we are not allowed to open from 19 May, the reserved fitness and Milon training sessions will automatically expire. Please keep the following in mind Change your clothes at home, only change your shoes within Aerofit.You can come in 7 minutes before your training, don't come too early. Take as few (valuable) items as possible with you because of limited storage space. Towel use (as usual) required. After your training you change your shoes and go outside, do not stay inside unnecessarily long. After use, clean your training equipment with a spray and cloth that you will find at the entrance to the fitness area. Keep 1.5 m apart. Training together within a separate training area is not allowed. Mask required upon entry and exit. Mask may be taken off in the sports area. We also expect that our members take responsibility themselves. If you are not fit and you have complaints such as a sore throat, sneezing, coughing and/or fever, you are not allowed to come and exercise. You are also not allowed to come exercise if you have been ill 3 days before your training, if you are awaiting the result of a Corona test or if someone close to you has Corona. If an employee has doubts about someone's health situation, access can be refused. Group lessons We understand the disappointment among members who enjoy taking group lessons. We are also very disappointed that we are not allowed to give group lessons within the club yet. Until then, we will continue to offer lessons via ZOOM. We will also continue with our outdoor training in the form of circuit training and Bootcamp. In addition, our YouTube channel (AerofitHC) will remain in the air and we will continue to post new training videos here as long as we are not allowed to give group lessons indoors. The ZOOM and outdoor training courses must also be reserved via the Sportivity app. It is also possible to follow virtual group lessons (Step, Bodyshape, Bodypump, Bodybalance, Yoga, Pilates) via a large TV screen in our group classroom, with a maximum of two people at the same time. If you want to make use of this, please call the reception (070-5119645) to make a reservation. Advantages of the virtual lessons compared to training at home: equipment available, lots of space, and air conditioning / good ventilation. You can also use the spinning room by appointment. If you have no fitness or Milon experience but would you like to train indoors, please call the reception to schedule an appointment with a trainer to make a personal training program. Location Outdoor training From the moment we open inside, our circuit training sessions will move to the back of our building, Van Hallstraat nr 24. This leaves us enough space at the front of the building for members to walk in and out and the bicycles can simply be stored again. You can park your bicycle at the back of the building, but no cars can be parked at the back. If you come by car, please park it at the front of Aerofit and then walk to the back of the building. Our Bootcamp take place in Meijendel, meeting point field opposite de Pannenkoekenboerderij. We assume that gradually more and more will be possible so that we can run Aerofit again in a way we all love. Taking a nice shower after exercise, going into the sauna and enjoying a cup of coffee together around our bar. Exercising whenever and for as long as you want, without reservations. Until then, let's be happy and grateful for all that is possible at this moment. Better times lie ahead! When it is definite that we are allowed to open on May 19, we will communicate more about your subscription, so keep an eye on your email! We look forward to seeing you again in the club from May 19! Stay safe, stay fit, stay Aerofit! Kind regards, The Aerofit team

Newsflash 25 March

We will have to deal with Zoom lessons and our outdoor training for a little longer. Unfortunately for our industry still no changes. Fortunately, more and more members find their way to Aerofit again and join our outdoor training courses, in addition to our ZOOM lessons. It is very nice to see our members again and to have action around the club, hoping that we can workout indoors again soon. We all have such a need for it and it is getting more and more difficult for everyone to keep up. Lockdown massage by Linda In recent weeks, the old child care room has been refurbished and transformed into a beautiful practice / treatment room. The room is for rent, but no permanent tenant has been found yet. This gave Linda an idea…… As long as Aerofit is still closed, Linda will pick up her old profession as a sports masseuse again. Linda is a certified NGS sports masseur and in the early years of Aerofit she had a successful sports massage practice within Aerofit. The combination of massaging, teaching, having young children and managing the club became too hard at one point and Linda decided to stop her massage pratice. We hear from many members that they get more and more physical complaints from working home, sitting still for too long and because of no or too little exercise. Massage could solve or reduce many of these complaints. Now that the lockdown is going to take longer and most of the work inside Aerofit is done, Linda has time for other activities. So, do you suffer from back, neck or shoulders complaints due to working from home or due to Corona stress? Or do you train a lot outside and do your leg muscles need maintenance? Make an appointment with Linda for a relaxation massage or a solid sports massage. Sports / relaxation massage, 45 minutes, € 55.00. Choose between: Back, shoulders & neck Front & back of the legs Arms, back, shoulders & neck Back of legs, back, shoulders & neck.Call Aerofit (070-5119645) Monday to Saturday between 08.30-12.00 to schedule an appointment. Linda would love to see you again at the club! Outdoor training As far as our outdoor training courses are concerned, this does not appear to be clear to all our members. We offer these training courses according to the guidelines of the RIVM, in groups of a maximum of 4 people. For example, we provide circuit training outside Aerofit with 4 groups of 4 people. We can therefore have a maximum of 16 people per circuit training. You must make a reservation for our outdoor training courses. This can be done via our Sportivity App. Have you not downloaded the App yet? After downloading you must register via a separate link. If you send us an email ( or call 070-5119645, we will send you the link of the App (also check your spam/advertising). If you need help, let us know! In the unlikely event that you cannot come to your training, do not forget to cancel your training via the App so that someone else has the opportunity to participate. Because our outdoor training is a success, we added a number of extra training courses on our schedule. Therefore, the following schedule changes from Monday 29 March: Circuit training at 19.00 will start at 18.45 Monday and Thursday extra circuit training from 19.45-20.30 Tuesday 18.45 Bootcamp (location pancake house Meijendel) and 18.45 circuittrainingAlso sign up for a nice outdoor workout via the Sportivity App! Aerofit YouTube channel If you prefer to workout when it suits you best, check out our YouTube channel AerofitHC. Here you will find more than 270 training videos from various Aerofit instructors. For the record, we offer our ZOOM lessons, outdoor training and YouTube videos as a FREE service to our members. Stay connected! Training courses during Easter During Easter, April 4 and 5, there are no classes on the timetable. So enough time for an easter egg hunt and to enoy the little things in life and the lovely people around you. New Les Mills Programs Are you also curious about the new Les Mills programs, Bodypump, Bodybalance and Core (formerly CXWorx)? Then join us via ZOOM. Bodypump: Wednesday, April 7 at 09.00 Core: Friday, April 9 at 08.15 Bodybalance: Sunday, April 11 at 10.15Register via our Sportivity App. Stay safe, stay fit, stay Aerofit! Kind regards, The Aerofit team

Newsflash 24 Februari

Despite the conviction that exercising is part of the solution in this crisis, instead of part of the problem, we are still not allowed to open our doors for our members. Also, the fact that we were able to open safely and responsibly after the first lockdown on 1 July 2020, with the right measures and with a well-thought-out plan, does not help us to open again on March 2. We don't understand this! Behind the scenes, the VES and NLActief are very busy with lobbying. There are important conversations between the government and Ministry of VWS and the VES and NL Actief. We hope that positive news will follow soon, of which we will of course inform you. In addition, the fitness industry will take action on Saturday 27 February to draw attention to the importance of opening gyms again for public health. More information about this will follow via social media, so keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram. Good news came for Vicky. She may reopen her beauty salon la Luxe from 3 March. So if you need a relaxing beauty treatment, epilation, waxing, eyelash or eyebrow tinting or one of the other treatments that Vicky offers, make an appointment with her (06-51515116). We actually wanted to keep it as an opening surprise, but now that we are not allowed to open yet, we cannot wait any longer. We love to share the metamorphosis of our group classroom with you. It was a huge job, but we are very happy with the result! We hear from lots of members that Aerofit is sorely missed. We can tell you that that feeling is mutual. The team is more motivated than ever and is waiting for you to come back! We have to wait for the signal that we can start again. All hope is pinned on the insight that increasingly manifests itself within the cabinet and within society, that gyms are part of the solution. We hope to receive you again in our club and in our beautiful group classroom very soon. Stay fit, Stay (Aero)fit, Kind regards, The Aerofit team