Newsflash 30 September

Class schedule changes, yoga & Pilates news
Since October we have had some changes in the Yoga and Pilates classes. Dewi has indicated that she, unfortunately, wants to stop teaching at Aerofit from October, due to other activities and Angela can no longer teach the Yin Yoga class on Tuesday evening from 11 October. This is why there will be a few changes in the class schedule:
- From October 11: Tuesday 20.30 Bodybalance with Daisy (contrary to what was communicated in our previous newsletter, which states that Daisy will teach Bodybalance on Thursday evening at 20.30)
- From October 12: Wednesday 10.15 Yoga with Angela
- From October 12: Wednesday 20.30 Yin Yoga with Esmee

Furthermore, Lisa started teaching Pilates on Mondays at 20.30 on September 26. We hope that everyone will find their way again in the adjusted schedule.

We will miss Dewi and thank her for the great lessons over the years. Of course, we wish Lisa good luck with her Pilates class on Monday evening!

Les Mills releases
From October 3, the latest programs Bodypump, Bodybalance, and Core will be running in our club. Are you looking for more relaxation, do you want to become more flexible, and also want to strengthen your core? Then Bodybalance is the class for you. If you want to strengthen your abs, back, and glutes, join the Core. During the Bodypump class, all your major muscle groups are trained. Because you do a lot of repetitions, you train your muscle endurance. Bodypump will make you stronger and slimmer and it will stimulate your fat burning.

If you have never followed a Bodypump lesson before, you can schedule an appointment at the reception for a Bodypump introduction.
You will then receive an explanation about the correct technique and we advise you on which weight you can start.

Bring-a-friend - Earn a month of free sports!
After a long warm summer, most members have found their way back to our club. Perhaps you have friends or family in your area who would like to work on a healthy lifestyle. You can then bring them in for a free trial training. If your guest becomes a member, you will receive a month free from us! You can introduce several new members, you will receive a free month for each member introduced. Fill in a Bring-a-friend card at the reception.

Free trial training Milon
Have you never trained on the Milon Circle? Then make an appointment for a free Milon tryout. The Milon is a smart combination of 6 fully automatic strength machines and 2 times 4 minutes of cardio training. You do the circle twice which only takes you 35 minutes. Because the training is eccentric, you train your body in a different way than you are used to. This is because the backward movement is set more heavily than the movement “forwards”. This provides 30% more muscle strengthening. In addition, the Milon Circle increases your metabolism up to 15 times longer compared to normal training, which stimulates fat burning. If you're looking for a short, efficient workout, you should definitely try the Milon. Make an appointment at the reception or at the fitness desk.

Practice for Osteopathy
Since February, Aerofit also offers Osteopathy. Sascha then started his own practice, “OsteoHolland”.
Osteopathy is a fast-growing manual treatment that is complementary to regular health care. By looking at the entire body, the (underlying) cause of complaints is tackled, and/or preventive work is done on optimizing health.

In order to function optimally, it is important that everything in our body can move properly. Our modern lifestyle such as computers, texting, increased psychological stress, lack of sleep, high work pressure, and excessive exercise can have negative consequences on our body or its mobility. The osteopath restores the mobility of your body in detail, which promotes recovery and prevents injuries or complaints. Movement restrictions that have an adverse effect on health are sought and are treated through safe manipulations, techniques around the entire body (organs, nerves, blood vessels, muscles & skull), and also connective tissue (fascia).

In addition, personal advice is given or possibly referred to other healthcare professionals. Osteopaths work together with other practitioners (if necessary) such as doctors, physiotherapists, manual therapists, dieticians, dental hygienists, psychologists, homeopaths & lifestyle coaches.

On Tuesday from 10.00-10.30 and on Thursday from 17.00-18.00 Sascha has a free consultation hour. You can then meet Sascha and ask questions or ask for advice. Please make an appointment at the reception.