Sport & Relaxation massage

Do you ever feel exhausted or tired? Do you suffer from sore muscles after a week of hard work? Or do you demand a lot from your body because you train a lot or because of physically demanding work? Then make an appointment for a sports or relaxation massage. A good massage is a blessing for your body and also provides mental relaxation.

Sports massage
Sports massage is a firm, deep massage in which not only the superficial muscles and the skin are massaged, but also the deeper muscles.
A sports massage is aimed at maintaining the condition of the muscles. A sports massage will increase the blood circulation in the muscles, so that waste products will be removed from the muscle tissue more quickly and nutrients can be admitted. This ensures a faster recovery. Whether you are a recreational athlete or you practice sports at a higher level, massage contributes to higher performance and faster recovery between workouts. Injuries can also be detected and treated at an early stage.

Relaxation massage
Do you suffer from headaches, do you sleep badly or do you feel tension in your lower back or neck?
Relaxation massage is suitable for anyone who wants to take good care of themselves.
Even if you have no complaints, a relaxation massage is wonderful to undergo. Away from all the daily worries, stress and to-do lists, just to relax both mentally and physically.
Pauline Baars has her own physiotherapy practice within Aerofit. She also provides sports and relaxation massages.

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