Physical Therapy & Medical Fitness

Within Aerofit we have two physiotherapists with their own practice, Pauline Baars and Roy Bentvelzen. For information or an appointment you can contact one of them.

Physiotherapy Practice Pauline Baars

Pauline does research and treat the musculoskeletal system in two ways:

  1.  Active: through exercise therapy in the fitness area, to make the muscle-ligament system stronger and more durable.
  2. Passive: via friction and pressure points and through advice to relieve muscle and ligament tissues. Lymph drainage and sports massage techniques are also used to improve the recovery.
Edema therapy
Pauline is, as one of the few within Wassenaar, specialized edema physiotherapist. Edema is excessive accumulation of fluid in the body. This can be caused by chronic venous insufficiency, leaving moisture in the feet and lower legs. Edema can also be caused by defects in the lymphatic system, infections or wound fluid as a result of surgery. With edema physiotherapy, fluid retention within the musculoskeletal system is remedied or kept stable.
It consists of:
  1.  Compression therapy.
  2.  Targeted exercises that improve drainage in a natural way, without medication.
  3.  Manual lymphatic drainage, a specific form of massage that can drain the lymph fluid 3-8 times faster.

For moreinformation or an appointment please contact Pauline: 06-25482060 or via


Physiotherapy Practice Roy Bentvelzen

In addition to years of experience as a fitness instructor, Roy is a certified physiotherapist. As a physiotherapist you come into contact with people and their health problems. The request for help is usually related to complaints of the musculoskeletal system. This can for example involve back / neck complaints, sports injuries or other disorders / injuries of the human connective tissue. If physiotherapy can help solving the problem a personal treatment plan will be drawn up. A treatment plan can consist of giving advice, exercises, massages, or applying other physiotherapeutic techniques.

If you would like to make an appointment with Roy, call 06-11057470 or email