Sauna & Solarium

After your training you can make use of our sauna facilities, free of charge. The Finnish sauna is mainly intended to cleanse the body and to relax your muscles. We have both a ladies and gents sauna.
Sauna regulations
* Please take a shower before using the sauna
* Dry yourself off before entering the sauna
* Do not wear any clothing while in the sauna
* Place a towel under your whole body
* Recommended time 8-12 minutes, sit up during the last 2 minutes of your sauna
* Cool down for a few minutes before showering
* Take a (cool) shower
* Maximum one scoop of eucalyptus per session

The use of the solarium costs you € 10.50 per session (20 minutes).
As a member of our club you can also make use of our ten-session card. In that case you only pay € 89. This ten-session ticket is valid indefinitely and is individual. Minimum age 18 years.