Algemene voorwaarden


  1. Aerofit Healthclub is entitled to change opening hours, class schedules and fees.
    Aerofit Healthclub has the right to close the club for official holidays, without having to reduce or reimburse membership fees. Aerofit Healthclub will announce the new fees well in advance. This right to adjust opening hours also exists during situations of force of the majority (state of emergency). Think of calamities or disasters.

  2. The management reserves the right for admission to the club.
  3. The minimum age for a membership is 16. 

  4. Use of all facilities inside Aerofit Healthclub is at own risk. Aerofit Healthclub rejects any liability for damages or harm resulting from accidents, theft, fire or any other cause for damage or injury, unless this was caused deliberate or by serious fault. 

  5. It is not permitted to bring bags and coats into the training areas. You can stow these in the lockers in the dressing rooms. 

  6. The club card is your property and not transferable.  When lost, or stolen you must replace it, costs will be € 5,00.

  7. Offers cannot be combined with any other offers or vouchers. Aerofit Health Club reserves the right to change all or any parts of offers or stop without notice.

  8. The management reserves the right to adjust the general terms and conditions intermediate.

Payment conditions:

  1. Refunds of membership fees are not possible, except in the case of wrong payments. This also applies in situations of forcce of majority on the part of Aerofit Healthclub. Think of calamities and disasters.

  2. Payments by direct debit will be withdrawn at the beginning of each calendar month.

  3. You must allow for a sufficient credit on your account. Should the automatic withdrawal not work the second-time round, we will be forced to charge € 2,50 administration costs. Further, we reserve the right to charge any extra costs if the amount owed to us cannot be subsequently withdrawn.

  4. If you do not agree with a direct debit amount, you can have your bank reverse the entry with one month. 


  1. Definitive discontinuation of the monthly payments is not possible within the chosen membership term. After this term the membership is terminable per month, unless you choose a different membership term. 

  2. Without cancellation, the membership will be silently renewed at the end of each chosen membership term with a month at a time.  

  3. The term of notice, after expiration of the chosen membership term, is maximum 30 days.

  4. If you are moving, a membership term of 18 or 12 months may be converted to a minimum term of 6 months. In this case, you pay the difference of the membership fee back to us accumulated over the months you have exercised. 

  5. Management reserves the right to adjust the fee annually (before January 1st). You will be informed of the new fees well in advance.

  6. Annual subscriptions paid in advance are NOT compensated in force of the majority for which Aerofit is not guilty (such as a pandemic). 

  7. If you are not capable of using our facilities due to injury or illness and report this to us immediately with a medical reference, then it is possible to discontinue your membership temporarily.  If you inform us in hindsight your membership may be extended for max. 1 month.

  8. Do you pay monthly by automatic debet and are you not able to exercise for a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 months due to circumstances such as vacation or moving, then you may convert your membership into a silent membership. This costs € 10,00 a month and must be reported to the reception. 

  9. The membership is strictly personal and not transferable.

Fitness/group classes:

  1. Management reserves the right to change class schedules.

  2. It is not permitted to make calls in the training areas.

  3. Use of a towel on the fitness machines and on the mats, is compulsory.

  4. After using the equipment, you must clean them with the appropriate detergents.

  5. Weights and other material must be returned to their place after use.

  6. It is not permitted to photograph inside Aerofit.

  7. It is not permitted to bring bags and coats into the training areas. You can stow these in the dressing rooms. Valuables can be placed in lockers. 

  8. You must be on time for groupclasses; a proper warming-up is essential for a safe workout and it is disturbing for the other participants and instructor.

  9. It is permitted to take 2 consecutive classes if the maximum number of participants is not exceeded. The minimum number of participants in a spinning or groupclass is 3. If there are fewer participants the class will be cancelled.  

  10. You are not allowed to sign up for two spinning classes in a role. But when the class is not full you can join two spinning classes.

  11. If you want to be certain of a place in a spinning class, you can sign up and reserve via app or website. If you are unable to make the class, you must cancel via app or website in advance. If you do not cancel your reservation, we will charge you a €5,00 penalty.

  12. Clean your spinning bike after use.

  13. If you do not cancel your (fitness) appointment in time (24 hours in advance), 1 hour coaching (€ 19.90) will be charged.

Dress code:

  1. ​You must wear decent and suitable sports clothing in the training area at all times.
  2.  You must wear clean indoor sports shoes (please also change shoes inside).​

Sauna regulations:

  1. Please shower and dry before using the sauna.

  2. Do not wear bathing suits in the sauna.

  3. Sit or lay on a towel.

  4. Recommended sauna time is 8-12 minutes, sit up during the last 2 minutes.

  5. Cool off outside the sauna and shower (cold).

  6. It is not allowed to throw any liquids on the heater.

  7. Use of body- or hair oil is not allowed.

All cases and/or situations for which the above General Terms and Conditions do not provide will be assessed and decided on by the management of Aerofit Healthclub only.