The Synrgy360 training system offers fun and innovative training for all fitness levels. Synrgy360 is specially designed to offer a varied and challenging training in one zone. 

Limitless training opportunities
Synrgy360 allows athletes to work on different goals. You work on the stamina, stability, coordination, speed, agility, flexibility and strength. An all in one modular system. Synrgy360 offers training opportunities that connect to the current fitness trends. It includes cable motion training, Kettlebells and punching bags. 

Individually and in groups
Synrgy360 is offered as a circuit training. The training is highly efficient and completely and it only takes 45 minutes. In addition, it is used in individual training programs. You will already achieve results with only twice a week for 45 minutes Synrgy360.

Training on the Synrgy360  is very efficient and also a lot of fun. In a group or individually, it adds an extra dimension to your workout.

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