Craniosacral therapy & Energetic massage

Craniosacral therapy is all about finding the cause of complaints and then treating them at the origin. By gentle subtle touch, tensions in the connective tissue are examined and positively influenced. In this way the self-healing capacity of the body is stimulated and the body is invited to relax.

Craniosacral therapy originated from Osteopathy and works via the 'Craniosacral System' (brain, spinal cord and connective tissue). It is a subtle and effective form of treatment for both physical and psychosomatic complaints.

Energetic relaxation massage
This form of massage aims to relax the body better, so that pain and tensions that are stored in the body are dissolved. This pleasantly restores contact with yourself and provides a natural form of relaxation. During a massage you take time for yourself, to recover and to listen to what your body can tell you. In addition to direct relaxation of the muscles and the body, this form of massage gives you energy and makes you healthy and vital.

Pregnancy massage
Especially when you are pregnant, massage is a wonderful tool to help you feel comfortable in your own body and stay close to your own strength. Your body changes and becomes heavier; which may make muscles feel sore and tense. A soothing massage allows your body to relax, unnecessary tension disappears and it brings you closer to yourself (and thus to your baby.)

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