Newsflash 8 November

After 25 years of being the owner of Aerofit and in the middle of the festive week in which we celebrate this special event, I have to implement a measure that goes against everything I stand for as a person and as an entrepreneur. The government has decided that from next Saturday everyone will no longer be allowed to go to the gym without a QR code.

As Aerofit, we stand for freedom of choice and we have respect and understanding for everyone's choice and find it incomprehensible that the industry that ensures that people remain fit and healthy, crucial in this crisis, will be so limited.

We understand that if you are not in possession of a valid QR code and therefore cannot come to work out, you wish to suspend your subscription. If this applies to you, you can reply to this email.

On the other hand, we are still missing many members who have not returned since the start of the Corona crisis. Some of them are still anxious to come and work out.

We hope to see this group again by introducing the Corona check. If you want to start again, call 070-5119645 or send an email to We will then contact you as soon as possible. Of course, you can also just come to the club.

Implementation Corona check
It requires quite a bit from the club to lead the Corona check in a smooth way. It will take a few days before we will have found the most efficient way to do this. We therefore ask you for patience and understanding.
If you come for a group class, we ask you to come a little earlier so that you can start your class on time. Make sure your QR code is open on your phone so we can scan it immediately upon arrival. This is to prevent congestion at the reception as much as possible.

If you do not want to use your QR code every time you enter the club, you can show us that you're vaccinated (by showing your vaccination certificate or by showing your Corona check App). We will then anchor this in our member administration system so you can enter without the Coronacheck.
PAY ATTENTION! You can already show at the reception that you are vaccinated from NOW.

If you have been tested negative or cured of Corona, we must scan your QR code at every visit.

You can obtain a valid QR code via your DigiD in the following ways:
1. You have been vaccinated
2. You have been tested negative
3. You are cured of Corona

More info about the coronacheck-app and the QR code can be found at

If you do not have a QR code, you can of course also gain access to the club with another test, vaccination, or recovery certificate. A self-test is not valid!

Are you under 18? Then you can come and work out without a Coronacheck!

We sincerely hope that the Corona numbers will drop soon so that we can welcome all our members again.

Stay safe, stay (Aero)fit!