Newsflash 31 October

To keep working out pleasant and enjoyable for all our members, it might be good to point out the house rules that apply within Aerofit once. We have also thought about how to deal with telephone use within the fitness area. 

Let’s start with the last point. The use of a mobile, for all kinds of other things besides calling, has become an indispensable part of our society. For example, the mobile in the gym is also used for music during training and for viewing the training schedule.

However, what we also see more and more is social media checks during the break between training sets while members remain on a device. As a result, devices are sometimes kept occupied for an unnecessarily long time, which does not promote throughput.

We kindly ask you to step off the device if you want to use your phone a little longer so that another member can use the training device. 

Please don't call in the fitness area but in the lounge. Furthermore, because of privacy, taking photos/videos of people without permission is not allowed. 

Some more points for attention about working out in the gym 
1. Use of a towel on the devices is mandatory 
2. Clean indoor shoes (change shoes in the locker room) are mandatory in all training areas 
3. Dry/clean your device after use with paper or a blue cloth and a spray. We like to keep Aerofit clean! 

Regarding the sauna 
1. Showering before a sauna visit is mandatory 
2. Underwear/swimwear is not allowed 
3. Sit or lay down on a towel with your whole body (including your head and feet)
4. Use of body and hair oil when using the sauna is not allowed 
5. It is not allowed to pour any liquids on the sauna heater yourself 

With regard to showering 
For hygiene reasons, it is not allowed to shave in the shower and we recommend that you wear flip flops as the floor can be slippery. 

Furthermore, a friendly, but urgent request to only turn on 1 shower at a time. It often happens that several showers are turned on because this would ensure that the water gets warmer. This is of course inexplicable in this time of energy crisis. 

Finally, we kindly ask everyone to park bicycles in the bicycle shed and scooters in the unique scooter parking spaces. 

We would like to thank you in advance for thinking along and contributing to a pleasant sports climate within Aerofit.