Newsflash 13 November

Following the press conference last night, we received a message from our industry organization NLActief that we do not have to take any additional measures, except that our bar must close from 20.00 for the next 3 weeks. Ordering to go is possible.

We ask everyone kindly to stay home with Corona related complaints, get tested. This way we can all continue to work out in a safe and responsible way at Aerofit.

Fitness challenge
After a successful Anniversary fitness challenge, we will start a new fitness challenge on Monday. This time a combination of 2 exercises:

Hang on the bar as long as possible with stretched arms.
Burn as many calories as possible within 1 minute on the Airbike.

Add the number of seconds you linger to the number of calories you burn.
The person with the highest number wins € 25.00 bar credit.
We have a women's and a men's league.
This challenge runs until December 1. You can of course make more than one attempt. Notify a trainer when you are ready. Good luck!!

New to our team, Isa Noordover.
Isa studies psychology and has also completed the basic training group class instructor at the AALO. Isa will work behind the bar and reception. She will also be internally trained as a group class instructor.
Isa, welcome to the Aerofit team!