Newsflash 17 February

We received good news last Tuesday evening during the last press conference!

After almost 2 years of Corona misery, it seems to be going in the right direction. We are very happy and relieved that we can finally run our club again in a more or less normal way.

However, we understand that after 2 years of restrictions it also feels quite strange and a bit uncomfortable to let go of all measures from one day to the next.

Therefore, the following measures will expire from tomorrow:
★ Keep 1.5 meters away
★ Wearing a mask inside Aerofit

If it feels more comfortable of course you can decide to wear a mask and keep a little more distance within the club.

We are still taking a number of measures. We will see how things are going in the coming period and then decide later whether we will also abandon these measures.

We keep the following measures:
★ The reservation system for the lessons. If you want to be sure of a place in class, you can book via the Sportivity App. If you have not made a reservation and would like to participate in the lesson, you can of course do so provided there is space (ask the reception).
★ The exit via the emergency exit, to prevent crowds at the reception for a while, the exit remains via the emergency exit.
★ The screens at the Milon circle and on the cardio stage.
★ 1 Ikea closet near the bar. If you prefer not to use the locker room yet, you can still store your belongings in the closet at the bar.
★ The cleaning wipes and spray. We will continue to use these for the time being to clean used equipment and material.

Reservation system classes
We hear from many members that they really like the reservation system for the lessons. It motivates members to come and you know for sure that you have a spot. However, there is one major drawback to this system and that is that members regularly forget to cancel their class if they are unable to attend. Sometimes members don't even show up at all.

This is of course very annoying, especially for the members who were on the waiting list. So once again an urgent request: are you unable to attend? You can cancel your lesson via the Sportivity App up to 4 hours before the class. You can cancel less than 4 hours in advance by calling Aerofit (070-5119645). Thanks for your cooperation!

QR code
From Friday 25 February, a Corona QR code within Aerofit is no longer required. This means that members who were unable to come and work out, for this reason, can get back to exercise as of February 25th. If you have temporarily stopped your subscription for that reason, your subscription will be reactivated as of 25 February. If you have paid for November, you still have one month of credit and the automatic debit will start on April 1. If you have not paid for November, your subscription will be debited again as of March 1. In both cases, you can already start from February 25th.

We are very happy that we can welcome all our members again soon!

Keep working on a healthy lifestyle, keep working on strengthening your immune system!