Newsflash 22 June

We received good news at last Friday's press conference. More and more is possible soon. Also for Aerofit, we are entering the summer with more freedom, but still with safety first!

Many Corona rules and obligations also expire for the fitness industry. The most important rule, keep as much as possible 1.5 m distance from each other within Aerofit, will still apply for the time being.

No more reservation for fitness and Milon circle
The biggest change will be that from Saturday 26 June there will no longer be a need to reserve for a fitness or Milon training. This will give an even better spread as not everyone
will be entering and leaving at the same time. So you can come as often and stay as long as you want!

Of course, this phase also takes some getting used to for us all. We will see how and if it works this way and where necessary we will adjust.

Important! Still take a cleaning bottle and cloth when entering the gym to clean the device after use.

PAY ATTENTION! Reserved training sessions on 26 to 29 June will of course be canceled automatically. You can come whenever you want!

Reservations for the group classes
For the group classes we still work with the reservation system as you are used to via the Sportivity App.

What is new, is that from this Saturday you no longer have to take into account that you can enter 7 minutes in advance. So you can come earlier.

From Saturday you can also put down your stuff for the Step and Bodypump class yourself. Still bring a cleaning bottle and cloth into class to clean the materials used, after class.

You can still book a maximum of 1 group class per day, via the Sportivity App. You can, however, combine this with fitness or Milon training.

If you would like to take a second group class on the same day, you can call the reception (070-5119645) or come by. If there is space, the reception can book the second class for you. This way we give all members an equal opportunity to book classes.

Outdoor circuit training sessions go inside
From June 26th we will move the outdoor circuit training sessions inside, in the form of Synrgy training (as before the first lock down). This training also lasts 45 minutes and takes place around the Synrgy training device in the fitness area.

You must make a reservation for the Synrgy training sessions via the Sportivity App. New on the schedule, Synrgy on Sunday at 09.15!

Cancel group lessons
We kindly but urgently request you to cancel your group class in time if you are unable to attend. It regularly happens that classes are not or very late canceled, so members who are on the waiting list cannot come and work out.

You can cancel your training up to 4 hours in advance via the Sportivity App, shorter in advance by telephone (070-5119645). It can always happen that something (urgent) comes in between, just don't forget to cancel. Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

Masks no longer required
From Saturday 26 June it is no longer mandatory to wear a mask within Aerofit. If you are more comfortable wearing a mask, that is of course possible.

Indoor catering open
From this Saturday it will be possible again to enjoy a nice cup of coffee or a healthy smoothie inside. The lounge will then be partially open again. Partly, because we still want to use part of the lounge area for members who prefer to change their shoes in the lounge instead of inside the locker rooms. Of course our terrace will remain open outside!

Stick to the most important rules!
We are very happy with more freedom and we would like to keep it that way. We, therefore, urge you to adhere to the following basic rules:

Do not come to Aerofit if you have Corona related symptoms, get tested
Keep 1.5 m distance from each other, as much as possible, everywhere within Aerofit