Newsflash 25 March

We will have to deal with Zoom lessons and our outdoor training for a little longer. Unfortunately for our industry still no changes. Fortunately, more and more members find their way to Aerofit again and join our outdoor training courses, in addition to our ZOOM lessons.

It is very nice to see our members again and to have action around the club, hoping that we can workout indoors again soon. We all have such a need for it and it is getting more and more difficult for everyone to keep up.

Lockdown massage by Linda
In recent weeks, the old child care room has been refurbished and transformed into a beautiful practice / treatment room. The room is for rent, but no permanent tenant has been found yet.

This gave Linda an idea…… As long as Aerofit is still closed, Linda will pick up her old profession as a sports masseuse again. Linda is a certified NGS sports masseur and in the early years of Aerofit she had a successful sports massage practice within Aerofit. The combination of massaging, teaching, having young children and managing the club became too hard at one point and Linda decided to stop her massage pratice.

We hear from many members that they get more and more physical complaints from working home, sitting still for too long and because of no or too little exercise. Massage could solve or reduce many of these complaints. Now that the lockdown is going to take longer and most of the work inside Aerofit is done, Linda has time for other activities.

So, do you suffer from back, neck or shoulders complaints due to working from home or due to Corona stress? Or do you train a lot outside and do your leg muscles need maintenance? Make an appointment with Linda for a relaxation massage or a solid sports massage.

Sports / relaxation massage, 45 minutes, € 55.00. Choose between:
Back, shoulders & neck
Front & back of the legs
Arms, back, shoulders & neck
Back of legs, back, shoulders & neck.Call Aerofit (070-5119645) Monday to Saturday between 08.30-12.00 to schedule an appointment. Linda would love to see you again at the club!

Outdoor training
As far as our outdoor training courses are concerned, this does not appear to be clear to all our members. We offer these training courses according to the guidelines of the RIVM, in groups of a maximum of 4 people. For example, we provide circuit training outside Aerofit with 4 groups of 4 people. We can therefore have a maximum of 16 people per circuit training.

You must make a reservation for our outdoor training courses. This can be done via our Sportivity App.

Have you not downloaded the App yet?
After downloading you must register via a separate link. If you send us an email ( or call 070-5119645, we will send you the link of the App (also check your spam/advertising).
If you need help, let us know!

In the unlikely event that you cannot come to your training, do not forget to cancel your training via the App so that someone else has the opportunity to participate.

Because our outdoor training is a success, we added a number of extra training courses on our schedule. Therefore, the following schedule changes from Monday 29 March:

Circuit training at 19.00 will start at 18.45
Monday and Thursday extra circuit training from 19.45-20.30
Tuesday 18.45 Bootcamp (location pancake house Meijendel) and 18.45 circuittrainingAlso sign up for a nice outdoor workout via the Sportivity App!

Aerofit YouTube channel
If you prefer to workout when it suits you best, check out our YouTube channel AerofitHC. Here you will find more than 270 training videos from various Aerofit instructors.

For the record, we offer our ZOOM lessons, outdoor training and YouTube videos as a FREE service to our members. Stay connected!

Training courses during Easter
During Easter, April 4 and 5, there are no classes on the timetable. So enough time for an easter egg hunt and to enoy the little things in life and the lovely people around you.

New Les Mills Programs
Are you also curious about the new Les Mills programs, Bodypump, Bodybalance and Core (formerly CXWorx)? Then join us via ZOOM.

Bodypump: Wednesday, April 7 at 09.00
Core: Friday, April 9 at 08.15
Bodybalance: Sunday, April 11 at 10.15Register via our Sportivity App.

Stay safe, stay fit, stay Aerofit!

Kind regards,
The Aerofit team