Newsflash 24 Februari

Despite the conviction that exercising is part of the solution in this crisis, instead of part of the problem, we are still not allowed to open our doors for our members.

Also, the fact that we were able to open safely and responsibly after the first lockdown on 1 July 2020, with the right measures and with a well-thought-out plan, does not help us to open again on March 2. We don't understand this!

Behind the scenes, the VES and NLActief are very busy with lobbying. There are important conversations between the government and Ministry of VWS and the VES and NL Actief. We hope that positive news will follow soon, of which we will of course inform you.

In addition, the fitness industry will take action on Saturday 27 February to draw attention to the importance of opening gyms again for public health. More information about this will follow via social media, so keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram.

Good news came for Vicky. She may reopen her beauty salon la Luxe from 3 March. So if you need a relaxing beauty treatment, epilation, waxing, eyelash or eyebrow tinting or one of the other treatments that Vicky offers, make an appointment with her (06-51515116).

We actually wanted to keep it as an opening surprise, but now that we are not allowed to open yet, we cannot wait any longer. We love to share the metamorphosis of our group classroom with you.
It was a huge job, but we are very happy with the result!

We hear from lots of members that Aerofit is sorely missed. We can tell you that that feeling is mutual. The team is more motivated than ever and is waiting for you to come back! We have to wait for the signal that we can start again. All hope is pinned on the insight that increasingly manifests itself within the cabinet and within society, that gyms are part of the solution.

We hope to receive you again in our club and in our beautiful group classroom very soon.

Stay fit, Stay (Aero)fit,

Kind regards,
The Aerofit team