Milon circuit

What is Milon? The Milon Circuit is a smart combination of 6 automatic muscle strenghtening machines and 2 times 4 minutes endurance training. Doing the circuit once lasts 17.5 minutes, twice the circuit only takes 35 minutes! The machines set themselves automatically via a personal chip card, which makes it easy to follow.

Result: Milon ensures up to 30% more muscle toning. In addition, the Milon increases your metabolism up to 15 times compared to regular fitness training. Milon is a fun and effective work out. Even experienced athletes feel extra results.

The Milon Circuit is currently the most innovative training concept in the fitness industry:
  • The workout only takes 35 minutes.
  • Two times training per 10 days is enough.
  • The Milon Circuit stimulates fat burning up to 15 times more than regular fitness training.
  • It is a safe training.
  • For everyone who has too little time.
  • For young and old.
  • Preventing and recovering from back pain.
The Milon Circuit is not only an asset to Aerofit, but for everyone in Wassenaar.

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