Yoga Light

On Thursday afternoon at 13.15 Aerofit has a Yoga "Light" on the timetable. This Yoga class is very suitable for somewhat older people and for people with an injury. The lesson is easy to follow, the tempo is slower and the exercises are not too heavy. Dewi teaches this yoga class. 
We have listed the benefits of Yoga for older people:
  1. You learn to breathe deeper: elderly people often suffer from short breathing. This can be prevented by allowing the breath to take place in the belly. This ensures optimal use of the total lung capacity. As a result, more oxygen is added to the blood, you feel more energetic and more relaxed.
  2. Concentration: Yoga helps to improve your concentration. In the end you are able to focus better on yourself or on a certain point. This way you will learn to ignore distractions from inside or outside
  3. You become emotionally calmer: Yoga helps you to become more aware of your body and helps you to control your emotions better. This ensures that you can deal better with challenges in life.
  4. Yoga provides relaxation: through various yoga exercises you learn to reduce stress and tension in your body. You learn to apply total relaxation, which reduces blockages in your body.
  5. It stimulates blood circulation: through Yoga exercises and breathing exercises the blood in your body will flow better. You also get more oxygen in your blood. This ensures that the circulation is stimulated.
  6. Stability and balance: balance exercises and different postures makes the body stronger and improves the balance. This helps you to create a good posture and it makes you feel more stable.
Never participated? You are warmly welcome. You do not have to register for the lesson so you can just come. 
Bring some warm clothes (socks, vest and a blanket if you like) so you won't cool down during the end relaxation.