October News II

Before the press conference on September 28, we had decided to reopen the bar on October 12. Due to the increase of infections and because the government has decided that sports canteens (which we also fall under) are not allowed to open, this will unfortunately won't happen. It is of course also a shame that we cannot open the showers and sauna due to the increase of contamination.
That's why we will still offer free coffee and tea for the time being. So… enjoy it a little longer!


Keep your distance, even outside
We want to remind everyone to respect the 1.5 m distance as much as possible inside, but also outside Aerofit.

You can enter 7 minutes before your reservation. If you are too early, you have to wait outside, to prevent people waiting in the hall or at the reception.
We understand that this is not really attractive in this weather so we are working on a solution. There is a permit application from the municipality for the installation of a 12 m wide awning at the front of the building. This application will be processed on Monday 12 October. We hope to hear good news soon.
Until then, don't come (much) too early for your workout.


Group lessons very well attended
Very good to see that all our group lessons are so popular. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, we ask you not to forget to cancel your grup lesson if you are unexpectedly unable to attend. This can be done up to 4 hours before your training via the Sportivity App or less than 4 hours in advance by telephone. This way you give other members a chance to join the class.

Members who are on the waiting list will receive an email that there is a spot available, whoever responds first can then register for the class.

Always be on time for the group lessons. If you arrive late (= after the start time of your reservation) you have the chance that we will give your place to someone who is on the waiting list.

F.I.T = Ferdy's Intensive Training
Starting next week, Ferdy's Bootcamp will be canceled on Tuesday evenings. In its place there will be F.I.T. on the timetable on Tuesday at 18.00. This stands for Ferdy's Intensive Training ;-). This lesson is suitable for the (very) advanced athlete and lasts 45 minutes. Who dares to take this challenge?

Mouth mask
Wearing mouth masks is a free choice within Aerofit. If it makes you feel comfortable, you can wear it. For example, you could wear a mouth mask when entering or leaving the club or at the start or end of a group lesson. We continue to point out to everyone that keeping a distance of 1.5 m from each other as much as possible remains the most important rule within Aerofit.

From today our fitness trainers will wear a mouth mask during Intakes and appointments for the Milon circle. We ordered special Aerofit mouth masks which we also sell at the reception, If you are interested you can buy one, they only cost € 6,00.