Newsflash November 5

Last night, the government announced additional measures. The good news is that we can stay open. Nothing will change for the fitness area and the Milon Circle.

Not so good news is that we are not allowed to offer group lessons for the next 2 weeks, starting tomorrow. This means no spinning, Synrgy and any other group lessons. This news came completely unexpected and we did not see it coming. All reservations for group lessons from 5 to (and including) 18 November will be canceled for that reason. But we are not giving up and we will again come up with creative solutions.

Group lessons via Zoom
For the members who follow group lessons, we will be offering a large number of our group lessons via live streaming from Friday.

You can then follow the group lesson live at the time you are used to coming to Aerofit, together with your favorite instructor. The lessons will be given in such a way that you can also follow the lesson at home without material or with adapted material. In this way you stay in shape, so that you can join the lessons at our club again in 2 weeks without any problems.

How does Zoom work?
As an Aerofit member you can register for our online lessons via the Sportivity App. You will then also receive an explanation of how Zoom works. The online class schedule will be available from 12.00 tomorrow and you can register for the online classes from Friday 6 November.

Stay connected, work out together at home!

Because we are allowed to go outside with only 2 people, the Bootcamp on Sunday will be cancelled for the next 2 weeks. We will pick it up again on Sunday 22 November.

Shape zone, Cycle zone
During times when no Zoom group lessons are given, members can use the group fitness room for training. One person can train in a separate area. You can use all training materials in this room. Such as the step, Bodypump barbells, mats, dumbells, resistance bands, etc. You can also use the room for yoga, Pilates and stretching exercises.

Make a reservation for “Shape zone" via the Sportivity App.

PAY ATTENTION! When entering the room, take a spray and cloth with you. Please clean the materials after use and leave them in the training compartment.

You can also use the spinning bikes in our Cycle zone in the coming weeks. Make a reservation for “Cycle zone" via the Sportivity App. You can do your own individual spinning training on motivational music. If you want to do some exercises in the fitness after your spinning training, you can ask the fitness trainer if there is room available.

You can register for the Shape and Cycle zone from 12 noon tomorrow for Friday 6 November. Training in these areas is at your own risk, there is no trainer available.

Resistance bands for home use
We sell resistance bands that you can use at home for our online training sessions. Very useful for especially the CXWorx lessons and the Bodyshape lessons. They are available at the reception for € 7.50 each.

Aerofit Home workout videos
Our YouTube channel (AerofitHC) is still active. Here you will find more than 160 videos of our own instructors. Training that you can follow at home at a time that suits you. You have a wide choice of various workouts: Bodyshape, Yoga, Step, Bodypump, Workout of the day, Pilates and much more.

Exercise in the gym
In the coming weeks you can train in the Fitness area and the Milon Circle. If you have no experience with fitness training, you can make an appointment at the reception with one of our trainers to make a personal fitness schedule. This might also be a good opportunity to try a free Milon training, if you are interested in a Milon subscription.

The ban on group lessons will last for 2 weeks, from Thursday 19 November we will see each other again live in the lessons at our club. Until then we will see each other via Zoom, in our gym or in our Cycle or Shape zone.

If you have any questions, please send an email to

Stay safe, stay fit, stay Aero (fit)