Group classes News

From Thursday, November 19, we can offer our group class again in the club as we were used to before November 5. We are of course very happy with that! So we would like to see you again at the club in our live classes from next Thursday. Make sure you have reserved your spot via the Sportivity App!

In recent weeks we have offered a number of group classes via ZOOM. Your favorite workout at home in your living room! We receive various responses to this, from “great" to “not for me". This ZOOM period, which is also new to us, has given us progressive insight. How nice would it be if we can serve our members in both areas? So both live classes in the club and live streaming classes via ZOOM to follow at home? We are working hard to further improve the technology surrounding the ZOOM classes. We still need some time to use ZOOM as effectively as possible and to arrange the logistics as well as possible. From Monday, November 30, you can also follow a number of lessons that are taught live in the club via live streaming at home. More information about the ZOOM classes will follow next week.

Virtual group classes
To further increase the capacity of our group classes, we have decided to offer a number of virtual classes in our group class room from Monday 23 November. You can follow a class from one of our Aerofit instructors on the big screen.
We will initially offer the following lessons and see how this will work:
– Monday: 16.30 Bodypump
– Tuesday: 16.30 Yin Yoga
– Wednesday: 16.30 Pilates
– Wednesday: 18.00 Step
– Thursday: 16.30 Body shape
– Thursday: 20.30 Bodybalance
– Friday: 16.30 Yoga
– Saturday: 14.00 Body shape
– Sunday: 14.00 Bodypump

Reserve a spot via the Sportivity App, eg Step VIRTUAL Wednesday 18.00.

The virtual classes are suitable for members who already have experience with classes. Taking these lessons is at your own risk, there is no instructor in the room.
Take a spray and cloth with you when entering the room and clean everything you have used after the training.

Cycle zone
A number of spinners gratefully use our Cycle zone: individual spinning training in the spinning room. We have therefore decided to continue to offer this at certain times of the week. Follow a mountain stage on the big screen or follow an online spinning lesson on your phone from, for example, Les Mills on demand (RPM or Sprint).

We will not be playing music in the spinning room as the door must be left open and this may be disruptive to members exercising in the gym.
Bring your own music and earphones to your spinning training!

Book a Cycle training via the Sportivity App, possible at the following times:
Monday to Friday: 07.15
Tuesday: 18.30
Monday to Thursday: 12.15
Thursday: 19.45
Saturday and Sunday: 13.45

Training in the Cycle zone is at your own risk, there is no instructor in the room.

When entering the room, take a spray and cloth with you and clean your bike after training.

Enjoy the ride!

Stay safe, stay fit, stay Aero(fit)