Group classes News

From Monday, November 30, we will offer an extra service voor members only:
Take classes at home via ZOOM.
A number of classes that are given inside the club, will also be offered via ZOOM. We deliberately chose Body & Mind classes because these classes can be best realized through ZOOM in terms of image and sound. You can take the following classes at home from November 30:
– Monday Yoga 10.15
– Monday Pilates 20.30
– Tuesday Yin yoga 20.30
– Wednesday Yoga 10.15
– Wednesday Yoga 20.30
– Friday Yin yoga 11.30
– Sunday Body balance 10.15

If you follow one of these classes inside the club, a camera will be aimed at the instructor. We will ensure that the participants in this class are shown as little as possible. Recordings of this lesson will NOT be saved.

If you want to participate in a ZOOM class, register for this class via the Sportivity App. Make sure you choose the right class, for example Yoga ZOOM. You will then receive an email, approximately 30 minutes before the class starts, with a link to log in to the class.
You can read more about how ZOOM here.

Personal training Chris Varkevisser
New in our Personal Trainers team: Chris Varkevisser. Chris has been working as a fitness trainer at Aerofit for several months. He will now also offer personal training.
Personal training is more than a trainer who tries to get the most out of you. Chris will guide you to your goals in a safe and responsible manner. He will give you extra motivation, but he will also slow you down when necessary.

Chris's specialismen:
– Pre- and post-natal Fitness
– Rehab training
– Strength and condition training
– Nutrition and supplementation consultant
– Orthomolecular therapist
– Lifestyle coach

So do you want to work on yourself in a responsible and healthy way?
Then make an appointment now!

Chris Varkevisser, YouChange +316 414 82 452 | E-mail: |

Cleaning fitness equipment
It is good to see that our members take the cleaning of the fitness equipment after use seriously.
A friendly but urgent request not to spray the cleaning agent directly on the devices. This is really bad for the equipment.
Please spray detergent on the cloth and then wipe the equipment with the damp cloth.
Thank you very much for your cooperation!
Stay safe, stay fit, stay Aerofit!