Free nutrition consultation hour

On Tuesday, April 10th, we will start with a free nutrition consultation hour
Led by Brigitte Lommers. For all your questions about obtaining a healthy weight (losing or gaining weight), healthy nutrition and other questions regarding nutrition you can see Brigitte.

Nutrition consultation hour:
Day: Tuesday evening
Time: 18.30 - 19.30
Make an appointment at the reception! 

Brigitte has found her depth in nutrition counseling. She is a successful Lifestyle Coach based on Personal Training. Brigitte is connected to the Professional Association for Weight Consultants in the Netherlands.
Besides nutrition consultant, Brigitte is a personal trainer: she trains one-on-one, small group, adults and children. Brigitte is not only a registered weight consultant but she also follows an education to become a cognitive therapist. Maybe you recognize Brigitte, she is CO host at Fitchannel.

Are you interested in personal training with Brigitte, please call 06-21806083 or send an email to