Corona update 19/3/20

First of all, I hope you and your loved ones are in good health. We have ended up in a bizarre situation that nobody thought could be possible. For me as an entrepreneur, it is not only very difficult personally but also business wise.

It is extremely hard and sad to not be able to receive my members after 23 years of doing business. However, we are determined to get through this and we stay positive! I get a lot of support from my fantastic team, this is also a difficult time for them.

We get some questions from members about the subscription. I would like to say the following about this: I appeal to everyone's patience and loyalty and ask for courtesy.

Since it is not clear to anyone what the impact of this crisis will be, I cannot yet make any commitments regarding compensation for missed weeks.

The government is busy with compensation funds. Unfortunately we do not know yet how this will work out for us as a company in the fitness branch. When there is more clarity about this and there are realistic options available, we will certainly use them to compensate for missed weeks in one way or another.

I hope for your understanding and support and will keep you posted if there is more clarity. Everything for the higher goal, that after this crisis we can work together again on a healthy lifestyle within Aerofit.

"Taking care of your body is an investment. You get something in return which is priceless ……"

So, stay active! Give our (free) Youtube channel a visit, get Aerofit at home and choose a work out with one of our team instructors every day.

On behalf of the entire Aerofit Team,
Linda van Paassen