Corona news IV

Locker rooms open again
If you use the dressing room as a locker room and not as a dressing room, the locker room is allowed to open again. The locker rooms may not be used for changing, but can be used to change shoes and to put things in a locker. Extensive changing is NOT allowed.

So come to Aerofit in your sportswear (long training pants over short sports pants are allowed). So don't come in a three-piece suit! ;-)

Of course you can still change shoes around the bar. This way we create more space again during the time slot changes. The locker rooms will be open again from tomorrow.

Material group lesson
To keep even more space between members in the group class room, we decided to prepare all the equipment before the Bodypump classes, including 1 set of plates. Of course you can grab some extra plates if you need to, but at least this ensures less traffic around the Bodypump rack. After the Bodypump class you can leave all the material on the floor (plates, barbell, mats and step). This will be cleaned up by our employees.

Also for all other classes, all used material (such as mats, dumbells, yoga blocks, etc.) may remain on the floor at the end of the lesson.

Numbers in the group class room and in the spinning room
In the group classroom there are now numbers (1 to 5) on the round stickers on the floor. We are going to use these numbers to better control “traffic” in the group classroom. If material has to be picked up during the class (e.g. dumbells or mats) first all numbers 1 take the material and go back to their place, then all numbers 2 etc.

The spinning bikes are also numbered (1 to 6). This way we want to ensure that members can keep more distance when leaving the room.

For both the spinning room and the group class room, after the lesson, first the nrs 1 leave the room, then the nrs 2 etc.

The instructor is a “traffic controller” but is not a police officer, so we assume that all participants in our lessons will take their own responsibility in this.

It is not getting easier for us, but we do everything we can to stay open. We count on everyone to stick to the rules so that we can continue to work on a healthy lifestyle and thereby strengthen our immune system.

Together we're strong!