Corona News III

Yesterday, the government announced new measures regarding the Coronavirus. The good news is that Aerofit remains open and we can continue our group classes!
Fortunately, the new measures have limited consequences for the fitness industry. Gyms appear not to be a source of contamination worldwide. The government also sees the importance of a fit and healthy lifestyle in the fight against Corona.

What will change for Aerofit from tomorrow?
Some Synrgy times will be adjusted slightly. So pay attention to your reservation time, so that you do not miss your training! All evening Synrgy wil chance from 19.00 to 19:30 and Sunday 10.30 will chance to 10.15.

Unfortunately we have to close the changing rooms again from tomorrow. We find that very unfortunate and not logical because opening the changing rooms ensures more spread. But these are the rules.

Gathering outside with groups larger than 4 people, is no longer allowed from tomorrow. That's why we unfortunately have decided to remove the coffee machine. Despite how cozy it is, the coffee ensures that members linger a bit longer in front of the club. We are afraid that we will get into trouble, especially now that the catering industry is closed from tomorrow.

Because it is no longer allowed to gather outside with more than 4 people from tomorrow, it seems we are no longer allowed to offer Bootcamp (Sunday morning) and Runnersclub (Wednesday evening). Of course this is quite hard to understand. Hopefully this will change soon. Our branch organization NLActief is still working on this. If there is more clarity about this, we will of course inform you.

These rules apply at least until October 27. Then the government will re-evaluate.

Safety first at Aerofit
Together we must ensure that we can keep working out in a safe way at Aerofit. That is why the following 3 most important basic rules apply within Aerofit, in addition to the other measures such as wash / disinfect your hands, cough/sneeze in your elbow and clean your device after use:

In case of complaints (sore throat, snot nose, cough, fever) stay home!
Keep a distance of 1.5 m from each other as much as possible.
Don't arrive too early for your training to avoid gathering in front of the building, waiting inside Aerofit is not allowed.

Because Aerofit is not a public area, wearing mouth masks is a free choice within Aerofit. If you like it, you can wear a mouth mask. For example, you could wear a mouth mask when entering or leaving the building or at the start or end of a group class.

Let Aerofit stay open so that we can work on a fit body and a relaxed mind. This is the basis of a strong immune system and therefore the best weapon against (virus) infections!

More classes on the schedule
From Thursday October 22, we will again add extra lessons to our class schedule to offer you even more opportunities to participate in our group classes.
Thursday 08.15 Shape30 (30 minutes intensive body shape training) with Chrissy
Thursday 20.30 Step&Shape (30 minutes steptraining and 30 minutes Body shape) with Corinne

Are you unable to attend? Cancel your reservation!
We would like to emphasize once again that you must cancel your training if you unexpectedly cannot come. The classes are often full, with members on the waiting list. If you do not show up without unsubscribing, you will deprive someone else of a place in the class.

You can cancel 4 hours before the lesson via the Sportivity App, you can cancel less than 4 hours before the lesson by telephone (070-5119645).
This also applies to the fitness/Milon reservations.