Aerofit offers a varied range of group lessons in the morning, afternoon and evening. Whether you want to specifically improve your condition or stamina or rather build up your muscle strenght, we will always have a lesson that will help you reach your fitness goal. We also offer lessons with the focus on dance and Aerofit pays a lot of attention to Body & Mind lessons.
All group lessons are given by qualified and experienced instructors and all sport areas are equipped with air conditioning and professional sports flooring. So if you like group fitness, Aerofit is the place to be!

BODYSHAPE consists of muscle strengthening and fitness exercises for the entire body, using dynabands, mats, weights, and the barbell. The focus is on exercising the leg, buttock, and abdominal muscles. There are no complicated choreographies.

FLEXIBILITY is a combination of mobility, stability and stretching exercises. Provides more movement in all joints, length in the muscles, a stronger core and it improves balance. Class takes 45 minutes.

STEP AEROBICS is a fitness training that simultaneously strengthens mostly leg and buttock muscles. During the classes, you will learn a challenging choreography.
ZUMBA is a fitness workout with dance moves to Latin American music. The class is easy to follow with no complicated dance steps, and is suitable for everyone. With the catchy salsa, merengue, flamenco, and even hip hop music, every class is a party!
YOGA teaches us to balance our body, mind, and conscious. The exercises (Asana's) give power and energy and ensure a pleasant relaxing feeling. Yoga is a great way to allow some rest and relaxation in our hectic 21st century.

YOGA LIGHT the postures that are performed are less heavy and complicated, so the class can be followed well by somewhat older people. The lesson is also ideal for people with medical complaints or injuries or in case you don't have any yoga experience.
YIN YOGA Paul Grilley is the founder of Yin Yoga. Unlike other forms of yoga that is particular focused on muscle tissue, Yin Yoga influences the connective tissue longer in one position. Yin Yoga is suitable for both beginners and experienced yoga practitioner and for people with medical problems.

‚ÄčBODYMIND is a total body & mind workout. A mix of stenuous and relaxing yoga, Pilates and fitness exercises. The exercises will be done in a calm attentively way, using the breath. BodyMind, for a relaxed and fit body and soul.
PILATES all Pilates exercises start from building up the strength in your powerhouse or centre, this is your stomach, the pelvis, and the lower back. The muscles that are closest to the skeleton are trained, so that your body can be ‘carried’ better. But not only the abs and back are trained, the whole body is involved.
BOXING the recreational boxing training is especially aimed at improving aerobic condition, strength, and technique. The combination of technique, condition, and strength all in 1 lesson, make this boxing training a versatile and challenging class, aimed at different fitness levels.

BODYSHAPE LIGHT is a  45 minutes class consisting conditional and  strengthening exercises. This class is less intensive than the regular classes and therefore very suitable for older people or those that have just started working out (again).
SPINNING is an indoor cycling class on music taught by an instructor. It’s an interval training, alternating between climbing and descending ‘mountains’. Aim of this class: excellent fitness training, highly effective fat burning and strengthening leg and buttock muscles. Participants can adjust the resistance and cycling speed as they wish. The class is 45 minutes.

Les Mills is a unique fitness concept made up of 8 exciting group fitness programmes. Each of these has been designed by top choreographers and are a big hit due to their catching mix of movement and music. Our Les Mills instructors have successfully passed an intensive training and are continuously receiving supplementary training. You are sure to receive an amazing workout with terrific results.
At Aerofit, we offer Les Mills programmes:
CORE is a 30-minute workout that takes the best out of both a personal training session and a group fitness class. CORE focuses on the core muscles (back, abdominals, butt), strengthening, improving, and toning the functional muscles of your core or mid-section, while at the same time preventing injuries.
BODYPUMP is strength training on music, using a barbell on which weight can be added, varying from 2 to 20 kilos. Before taking a class, you must take a BODYPUMP introduction class first. (Sign up sheet on the information board near the reception). You can join the BODYPUMP classes after the introduction lesson. BODYPUMP aims to improve muscle fitness, and to become stronger and ‘tighter’.
BODYBALANCE uses movements from the traditional Yoga and Tai Chi. Exercises focus on controlled breathing, flexibility, static strength, concentration, and meditation. A truly holistic workout that balances body and mind.

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