Newsletter February 2023

New! Strength fasting with Fittergy coach Merit


Strength fasting is a variation on the well-known Sportfasting. It is a 10-day 'cutting program' and has some minor adjustments in the protocol compared to Sportfasting. In terms of training, it consists of a perfect combination of strength endurance training and low-intensity cardio in your fat burning zone.


Where Sport fasting is the method to improve blood values, lose excess weight, gain energy and lose belly fat, Strength fasting is the program for losing subcutaneous fat, gaining more muscle mass and more strength. The strength endurance training during the program activates hormones that appeal to the fat reserves under the skin (including the abdomen, back, thighs and buttocks). With Sport fasting you achieve your results with the nutritional protocol and 30 minutes of relatively intensive cardio training every day. With the Strength fasting program you do a daily strength endurance training (20-30 min) and top off with a short, low-intensity cardio workout (15-30 min). So you train more and longer every day. During the 10 days you also follow a nutritional protocol, but you eat a little more than with Sportfasting. On the 'fast days' (where you are not really fasting) you eat a small amount of easily digestible proteins. Through this combination of training, nutrition and nutritional supplements you grow more muscle mass, you gain more strength and you lose a lot of subcutaneous fat, making your muscles more visible. The result can be compared to the so-called 'dry training' or the 'cutting phase'.


What is included in the Strength fasting program and how much does it cost?


★ Extensive intake interview incl. measurement (approx. 45 min.)


★ Personal Strength fasting nutrition and training protocol


Strength fasting package with supplements


★ Personal coaching during the entire course by telephone, whatsapp or email


★ Personal coaching session after the program (20-30 minutes) with evaluation, final measurement and advice for after the program


Costs: € 300,00

Are you interested? Do you want to know if it is recommended for you? Or do you want to start? Send Merit a message.


Merit van Muijlwijk, On Healthy Ground, personal training, nutrition & coaching. 

06 - 24 38 76 18


Bike in the bike shed


We are very happy that so many members come to the club by bike. Nevertheless, a friendly request to put the bicycles in the bicycle shed in the right way, at least so that everyone can easily drive their bicycle in and out.

If you come by scooter, please park your scooter as much as possible in the special scooter parking lot. Thank you for your cooperation!


Team news


Our fitness trainer Ruben has opted for a career in a different direction and will therefore no longer be working at Aerofit from February 20th. Despite the relatively short time that Ruben has worked with us, he is a highly valued fitness trainer and colleague. We'll miss him! We wish him lots of success in his new job!

As of February 1, Roy has been working at Aerofit for 15 years. Once started as an intern, he has grown into a fitness trainer. He is still part of our team of trainers. In addition, he has a successful physiotherapy practice within Aerofit. Well done! Congratulations Roy, with this great achievement. On to more beautiful years at Aerofit!