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Class schedule changes, yoga & Pilates news
Since October we have had some changes in the Yoga and Pilates classes. Dewi has indicated that she, unfortunately, wants to stop teaching at Aerofit from October, due to other activities and Angela can no longer teach the Yin Yoga class on Tuesday evening from 11 October. This is why there will be a few changes in the class schedule:
- From October 11: Tuesday 20.30 Bodybalance with Daisy (contrary to what was communicated in our previous newsletter, which states that Daisy will teach Bodybalance on Thursday evening at 20.30)
- From October 12: Wednesday 10.15 Yoga with Angela
- From October 12: Wednesday 20.30 Yin Yoga with Esmee

Furthermore, Lisa started teaching Pilates on Mondays at 20.30 on September 26. We hope that everyone will find their way again in the adjusted schedule.

We will miss Dewi and thank her for the great lessons over the years. Of course, we wish Lisa good luck with her Pilates class on Monday evening!